Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Epic Faliure.....(ok maybe not "epic")

It's Movember...and we couldn't be more excited!

Monday evening, Dane shaved off everything but his stache.  He's been growing it out specifically for this month

He also convinced his male coworkers to participate in Movember, so all the guys are sporting up classy staches.  Obviously their participation inspired me to make Movember shirts, not only for their "team" but for others to purchase with a portion going to the organization.

That being said, Dane & I started making his coworker shirts Sunday afternoon.

Days before, we read multiple instructions/blogposts on using my silhouette and heat transfer material.  We bought shirts and got our design to the correct size/proportions...everything ready to start printing.

Needless to say everything from those moments on was downhill:
-forgetting to mirror the text and wasting a good 12" of material (which only comes in a 36" piece)
-cutting one section slightly short so it slips out the back of the cutting machine, messing up ALL the text
-trying to piece together said text to get 1 shirt done
-unsure of what iron setting to use and burning through the plastic backing, while still not getting the transfer hot enough (not sure how that makes sense)
-the O's and S' starting to peel (from above bullet point)
-and topping it one locally sells ANYTHING for the silhouette machine (great....)

Well...we did some research and found a better reviewed product.  Luckily a family owned store in San Antonio sells it, which means it was practically overnighted to us.

Now we know what we're doing and the shirts are in progress. They look great!!!

The shirt is now in my etsy shop and ready for ordering!


Luna is also in the shop.

Hagrid & Dumbledor are underway and making their debut this weekend!

*I would post photos but I don't want to give them away. ;-)

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  1. LOVE Dane's 'stache! It's epic! Congrats on getting things going. It all looks great. You have an awesome idea and I'm sure you will be successful. Does Jack have a new Boston Buddy? So excited about the Cards! Go Potter Pals!