Saturday, October 29, 2011

Etsy Is Open!!

Just what we've been waiting for!  My etsy shop is open! (although it's nothing to write home about...for now)

After some work and a lot of thinking, my etsy shop is now officially open for business!!

My shop name is GuddeGoodies.  Right now I only have 3 Potter Pals listed, but I'm working on 3 more "Pals," and creating a listing for the Movember shirts.

here's a link:

I'll update when more becomes available.

Now I have to finish a few things on our Halloween costumes for tonight's party and get back to working on Potter Pals.  Once my transfer sheets come in I will start the Movember shirts...hopefully it all comes today!!

On a side note....

The Cardinals are World Champions!! It was an amazing 7 game series this year! We had fun watching the games with our friends (Rangers fans) and cheering on our teams.

Here's a photo from last night's Game 7 party:

two friends putting differences aside to enjoy Game 7 of the World Series
*they look cute in their shirts*

Now all Jack needs is a world series patch for his sleeve

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