Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slight Productivity

Yesterday I started on a few etsy projects.

I made a template for Potter Pals (the original one I made did not come from a pattern, I was winging it. Figured I should be consistent now)

Cut one out to make sure the template is what I want.

(still needing something for the glasses...hmmm)

I'm also working on t-shirts for Movember (  Dane & his buddies at work are participating and I thought it'd be fun to make them shirts, as well as trying to sell them online and on campus.  I don't have any photos because the first shirt I tested on was a bust!  Now I know what I want, so I should be able to crank tshirts out soon.

The highlight of the day (besides Cardinals winning Game 1 of the World Series) was Noodles....

Dane's aunt, Melinda, makes the BEST homemade egg noodles for Thanksgiving!  Since we won't be in MO this year Dane has taken it upon himself to make the traditional noodles.  Naturally we had to practice making them before the big day.

We ended up with a delicious dinner!!!!

I will work on a few more things this afternoon/evening and hopefully post again tonight.

And I'll leave you with this....

Stay Tuned!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out--the noodles look "a-mahz-ing". Good luck--I love the Potter Pals.

    Actually, this is Melinda, not Carly!!!