Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tough Situation......& Samples

Today has been a rough day.

It doesn't get easier to hear "we have extended the offer to another candidate."  Is it crazy that I've come to expect this fate with any job I interview for?

Being turned down on jobs I applied/interviewed for is becoming almost humiliating.  I'm questioning whether my decision to quit my previous job was worth it.  Is this where I am supposed to be?  Do I go back to the awful part time job I held before or continue down this road of the unknown, that's been filled with rejection?

It's a tough situation and I'm trying to stay positive.

Moving forward with this etsy shop & blog has given me some hope.  I am loving the opportunity to share my gift with others and hopefully this can become a great venture.


Now enough of the self loathing....let's move on to photos of a few items that I've made recently.

Etsy Shop:

*I will open my shop with only a few items.   Once things start selling, I will slowly add more items.

*Please do not be distracted by the cute puppy on the left*
"Potter Pals"
Right now I'm starting with the 3 main characters: Harry, Ron, & Hermione.  Eventually I will go extend the "pals" to custom character options such as Umbridge, Trelawney, Hagrid, Dumbeldor, etc.

Harry Potter T-shirts 
I will start off with a few select phrases and shirt options, eventually expanding to more options.

*Notice my friend Nate's face....*
Custom iPad  & Computer Cases

 I have more items/ideas up my sleeve, so check back!! To give you a small preview it involves baby onesies, mustaches, pets, clothing, & more Harry Potter.

And as a last hurrah.....if you're familiar with the TV show FRIENDS.....

I present...


Nate received his very own Gladys for his birthday.  This is the after shock  photo. 
The best part was how we surprised him: 
10pm + Gladys leaning on the porch + dim lighting + ding-dong-ditch = BEST reaction ever!!

I hope this gives you a little taste of what I will be offering in my shop.  I have so many things to come and I am excited to be sharing it with the world.  

Here's to success....


  1. I'm so excited for you Laura! I adore the "Potter Pals". Super cute idea. Did you have a pattern or did you just wing it? I see you did well enough with the "Keeper" and Mischief" shirts even if your slacker friend did not come thru for you. ;) I will be following your blog and will share on my FB page. Keep up the great work!

  2. I feel privileged to own the prototypes of Harry and those awesome shirts, Laura!!!! They're sooooo cute!

    PS: you need to get on Twitter! (And if you are on there already, you should link it to your blog so it shows up in your sidebar!)

    <3 Kayla