Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm still here!

Sorry there haven't been any updates or posts recently.

I have been working on things...just not making time to blog.  :-/

So let me show you what I've been doing.


First, I've been getting slightly flustered with the new HP characters I'm making.  I have this big vision in my brain of how they should all look and when I put it all together it doesn't match my expectation.

Granted...these are only the first time I've made them, so of course I shouldn't expect perfection the first try.

Nevertheless here are the recent 2 I'm working on....

Hagrid.  I like him (once I added more to his lower half, but he still doesn't scream Hagrid)

*feel free to give any feedback*

And Dumbledore, minus the glasses (which I'm working on) and the darker blue becoming a full vest.  I'm also playing with the thought of him having a brown hat. 

*feel free to give any feedback*

I'm also working on business cards.  I'm wanting something simple but cute and everything matching (etsy banner, blog header, biz cards, etc).  This is what I've got so far and I think I'm going to go with it as a starter.  I wanted to add a little Texas in the bottom corner, but would that be too much? I definitely don't want to be all about texas.

Today I was focused on Thanksgiving!  We are having a "Friends Thanksgiving" this year! About 9-12 of us who don't have family in town are having our own party!!  I am SO excited! 

Since we are co-hosting with two other guys (Nate & Lance) I have been so excited to be in charge of decorating and planning!  I have ideas up my sleeve and hoping to get them all knocked out this weekend so Thanksgiving week can focus on food and food alone.

  today I made these napkins & napkin rings! 

Tomorrow Dane & I are tackling this idea I got from Pinterest.. 

It just so happened that the neighbors left branches by the curb.  I think they'll be perfect!

I'm considering a few other decoration ideas but haven't decided 100%

Leave me some feedback for the potter pals!